Dry Plucked Bronze Turkey 5Kg

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Dry Plucked Bronze Turkey 5Kg


Dry Plucked Bronze Turkey 5Kg

But Don’t Forget to Pre-Order Your Turkey Now in Time For Christmas



Free range birds mean they are free to roam in grassy pastures, to graze and scratch out insects while also having a large barn to shelter in with straw bedding and perches inside and out for roosting. Our birds are given enough room that beak trimming is not required.



Our birds are fed on food free from additives and growth hormones. They really are what they eat and it shows in the taste.


About our birds

All weights refer to oven ready weight. The birds are dressed ready for the oven. The turkey comes in a convenient carry home box complete with recipe leaflet and cooking tips.


4kg    6 people

5kg    8 people

6kg   10 people

7kg   12 people

8kg   14 people

9kg   17 people

10kg  20 people


Expertly Farmed & Prepared

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