Screaming Chimp Scream if you wanna go hotter!


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Screaming Chimp Scream if you wanna go hotter!


Screaming Chimp Scream if you wanna go hotter!

150 ml


£5.50 each


This is a vegan-friendly chilli sauce made with UK-grown Naga, Reaper, Moruga and Habaneros, it is hot and sweet with a citrus twang. Works excellently with BBQs, Cheeses, white fish, steak, burgers, stir fry, or simply on pizza; also great with lots of vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Delicious with all meats, stir fry, vegetarian and vegan dishes, added into soups, sauces and gravies, or just enjoyed as a pour-on or dipping sauce. While this is a vegan sauce (no animal products used), it’s Delicious on all the meat-you-can-eat or fish you can dish.

Tomatoes (Tomatoes (60%), Tomato Juice, Acidity 
Regulator (Citric Acid)), Chillies (Carolina Reaper, Naga, Moruga, Habanero) (12%), Orange Juice, Demerara Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Onion, Lemon 
Juice, Lime Juice, Garlic, Salt
Allergen information

Details of the 14 allergens set out by UK & EU law will appear in this tab when applicable. If you are allergic to something not covered by the 14 allergens, please check the ingredients list carefully.

If we have displayed “Made from ingredients which naturally do not contain sources of the 14 allergens.”, this means that this product was made using ‘Good Manufacturing Processes’ (which prohibit cross contamination during manufacture) but has not been tested by a laboratory. 

Always check with the allergen sufferer before purchasing any product for them.

N.B. Under UK law it is illegal to advertise that a product is free from an allergen without laboratory testing of each batch. As a small, family run business, we cannot afford to do this, so instead we provide as much information as we can.

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